Exponential 2018 Recap Session 4

Jodi Hickerson, Leonce Crump, and Oscar Muriu on Permission Giving

March 1, 2018


It doesn’t seem like we should already be here—the last day of Exponential! Thank you for joining us this week! We hope you’re inspired and thinking how you can be a hero maker and empower others to be hero makers. If we’re going to carry out Jesus’ Great Commission, we need hero makers!

If you missed Session 4, you missed a lot. Here are some of the highlights:

We focused on the fourth practice of hero making—gift activating and a shift from asking God to bless the use of our gifts to asking God to bless the leaders we’re sending out. Jodi Hickerson took us to school and taught us a theology of sending.

We are not God’s gift to people, Jesus is – Jodi Hickerson

Atlanta pastor and former NFL player (New Orleans Saints) Leonce Crump gave us a powerful reminder that inside every believer is a gift that’s waiting to be activated for ministry.

God does not give churches to leaders, he gives leaders to churches. – Leonce Crump

And Nairobi Chapel leader Oscar Muriu did what he does so well—challenging us to intentionally identify the gifts in others.

A spiritual father allows their son to find their unique voice. – Oscar Muriu

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Summary Recaps of All Five Sessions

Session 1 – Multiplication Thinking

Session 2 – Permission Giving

Session 3 – Disciple Multipying

Session 4 – Gift Activating

Session 5 – Kingdom Building

If you missed any of Exponential or want to bring the conference to your team, you can get everything on our Exponential 2018 Digital Access Pass, which includes all five main Hero Maker sessions.

And if you want to experience Hero Maker live (and bring your team), this fall we’ll be traveling to five different cities to offer regional events—including all five Hero Maker main sessions:

September 10-11 Washington, D.C.

October 2-4 Southern California

October 22-23 San Francisco Bay Area

October 24-25 Houston

November 6-7 Chicago

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