Exponential 2018 Recap of Session 2

Ed Stetzer, Carey Nieuwhof, and Harvey Carey on Permission Giving

February 28, 2018


Did you join us for Session 2 yesterday? If you missed it, here’s some of the highlights:

We talked about the second essential practice of being a hero maker—permission giving. To be hero makers, we must shift from seeing what God can do through our leadership to seeing what God can do through other leaders. In his scary-smart way, Ed Stetzer shared recent multiplication findings for top church-planting churches and its implications for us.

You don’t have to be a megachurch to multiply. – Ed Stetzer

Carey Nieuwhof unpacked Jesus’ words in His Great Commission (Matthew 28), looking at what He really meant when He said, “All authority has been given to you.”

It will only outlive you if it can grow without you. What do you need to do to help it grow without you? – Carey Nieuwhof

Finally,  inner-city ministry leader and Pastor Harvey Carey issued a powerful hero-making challenge.

You may not be a giant killer but is there someone in your midst who God has prepared and just needs permission. – Harvey Carey

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Summary Recaps of All Five Sessions

Session 1 – Multiplication Thinking

Session 2 – Permission Giving

Session 3 – Disciple Multipying

Session 4 – Gift Activating

Session 5 – Kingdom Building

If you missed any of Exponential or want to bring the conference to your team, you can get everything on our Exponential 2018 Digital Access Pass, which includes all five main Hero Maker sessions.

And if you want to experience Hero Maker live (and bring your team), this fall we’ll be traveling to five different cities to offer regional events—including all five Hero Maker main sessions:

September 10-11 Washington, D.C.

October 2-4 Southern California

October 22-23 San Francisco Bay Area

October 24-25 Houston

November 6-7 Chicago

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