AI In The Church – 2024

The 2024 State of AI in the Church Survey Report


Unlock Powerful Insights into AI Adoption in Ministry Contexts

As artificial intelligence capabilities rapidly advance, churches are exploring how to harness generative AI apps and services to accelerate and support ministry efforts responsibly. But what is the current state of AI awareness, adoption, and perspectives across diverse communities in the Church?

AI in the Church Survey

The 2024 State of AI in the Church Survey Report provides a comprehensive look into this evolving landscape. Conducted by Exponential’s AI NEXT in partnership with,, and other leading organizations, this in-depth report analyzes input from church leaders across denominations, congregation sizes, and geographies.

Through detailed survey data and expert analysis, you’ll gain valuable insights on key trends, including:

  • Current utilization rates across AI use cases like content creation, media production, automation, and analysis
  • The top favored AI tools and platforms being used by churches today
  • Specific benefits driving AI adoption for ministry activities
  • Persistent ethical concerns that are held in tension with clear benefits to ministry
  • Emerging needs for policies, best practices, and training resources
  • Evolving attitudes on balanced AI integration approaches

Whether you’re just beginning to explore AI or ready to expand its role within your church, this comprehensive report is a relevant resource. The findings highlight opportunities, challenges, and prudent strategies as ministries and their communities strive to harness AI’s potential responsibly.

Equip your leadership team with data-driven insights from The 2024 State of AI in the Church Survey Report. Discover where your church leader peers are on the AI adoption journey in order to inform your own path forward in this new era of AI in the church.


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