Beyond Level 2 Resource Kit


Beyond Level 2 Resource Kit


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The Beyond Level 2 Resource Kit is designed for churches that have assessed Level 2 on the Becoming Five Assessment, but want to move towards growth and multiplication.



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Suggested Workflow

  1. Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition (eBook)
  2. Made For More Visual Guide (eBook)
  3. Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making (eBook)
  4. Becoming 5 DAP – Ryan Kwon (Video)
  5. Core Multiplication Course (Course)
  6. Flow: Unleashing a River of Multiplication in Your Church, City, and World (eBook)
  7. Play Thuno: The World Changing Multiplication Game (eBook)
  8. Discipleshift DAP – Larry Osbourne (Video)
  9. Spark (Culture) DAP – Steve Murrell (Video)
  10. HeroMaker DAP – Harvey Carey (Video)
  11. Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Pathway to Level 5 Multiplication (eBook)
  12. Dream Big Questions (eBook)
  13. Made For More Resource Kit (Kit)
  14. Made For More DAP – Rob Wegner (Video)
  15. Multiplying Disciples: What Movements Can Teach Us About Discipleship (eBook)

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These books will provide easy to understand frameworks and real life examples of churches that have moved beyond Level 1.

Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition
by Todd Wilson
Are you sensing that something’s just not right about our addiction, and possibly idolatry, to our accumulation cultures that produce cultural Christians? The new Exponential book Multipliers: Leading Beyond Additionwas written with you in mind. Multipliers combines the best of Exponential’s multiplication-focused content into one single handbook for aspiring Multipliers that are committed to seeing the Kingdom advance!

“Multipliers…embrace a scorecard that prioritizes releasing and sending over accumulating and growing. They take their cues from Jesus and seek to be fruitful and multiply,” writes Todd Wilson. “They are intentional about Jesus’ ‘go and make disciples’ command and fully embrace the leverage that comes from building capacity for disciple making through the multiplication of healthy, reproducing churches.”




Made for More Visual Guide
by Todd Wilson and Larry Walkemeyer
Exponential introduced 3 new multiplication frameworks for its 2019 theme year.  These frameworks focus on helping church leaders mobilize God’s people, God’s way. Imagine every follower of Jesus released to be everyday missionaries to their everyday mission fields where they work, live, study, and play!

The Made for More Visual Guide provides a vision and roadmap for releasing the huge latent capacity that is pent up within the people of God.

This “read in an hour,” visually engaging, resource introduces and integrates three new frameworks to help shift your ministry from a volunteer based “we can do it you can help” approach to a “you can do it, we can help” missionary focused approach.




Becoming a Disciple Maker: The Pursuit of Level 5 Disciple Making
by Bobby Harrington and Greg Weins
In this new book, Exponential’s discipleship curator and’s co-founder Bobby Harrington joins with Greg Wiens (Healthy Growing Churches) to introduce and explore the pathway to becoming a disciple maker using Exponential’s Becoming Five framework. Focusing on helping individuals identify where they are on the disciple making scale (Levels 1 – 5) and what’s needed to become a Level 5 disciple maker, Bobby and Greg champion disciple making and equip future church multipliers to move beyond the prevailing worldly success scorecards. The book is positioned as a “field guide” to help leaders compare and contrast the differences between subtraction, addition and multiplication cultures in disciple making.








Flow: Unleashing a River of Multiplication in Your Church, City, and World
by Larry Walkemeyer
Your church can flow! It can reproduce itself! The first command still stands: Be fruitful and multiply. Most churches have settled for some kind of fruitfulness and ignored multiplying. There is nothing more “Kingdom expanding” and personally rewarding than seeing your church multiply. Sadly, only a tiny percentage of churches will experience the thrill of multiplying. Most are convinced the dream of multiplying is beyond them. Not so. In this FREE eBook, church-planting leader, pastor and author Larry Walkemeyer shares the amazing and transforming story of how their urban church that still only has 39 parking spaces has become a multiplication center touching thousands. He identifies the key hurdles and heart issues Light & Life Fellowship in Long Beach, California, had to overcome to move from being a “Lake” church to a “River” church that “flows.” Walkemeyer is convinced that any healthy church can multiply and that the mission of God depends on churches that “Flow.”





Play Thuno: The World Changing Multiplication Game
by Larry Walkemeyer
What if every church took seriously the biblical call to multiply? How would that change our churches, communities, cities and world? In this new resource, church planting leader Larry Walkemeyer asks these questions and delivers inspiring stories as well as practical insight to give us tangible expressions of churches, including his own, that have purposed to multiply.

Play Thuno (derived from the Greek work plēthynō for “multiply”) serves as an excellent follow-up resource to the Exponential book Becoming a Level 5 Multiplying Church Field Guide by Todd Wilson and Dave Ferguson. Walkemeyer offers engaging narrative that moves multiplication from concept to eternity-altering reality. He also gets uber practical, highlighting principles for multiplication, 21 leadership essentials for multiplication and even deceptions that often derail our efforts to reproduce. Most significant, however, is Walkemeyer’s thorough exploration of Scripture to discover why churches should multiply. This “study” permeates the pages of Play Thuno, consistently bringing us back to God’s call both on our lives and our churches.





Dream Big, Plan Smart: Finding Your Pathway to Level 5 Multiplication
by Todd Wilson and Will Mancini
In this new book, Exponential co-founder Todd Wilson and Will Mancini pour gasoline on the already blazing church multiplication conversation. This book is the sequel to Spark: Creating a Culture of Multiplication (2015) and Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church (2016). Wilson and Mancini seek to help church leaders turn their aspirations and good intentions for multiplication into compelling visions with actionable strategies. The book is built on a solid foundation of strategic planning, looking through the lens of multiplication.








Dream Big Questions
by Todd Wilson and Bill Couchenour
Sometimes asking questions leads us to greater things than just the answers. In the asking, we learn more deeply who we are—what drives us and keeps us going, what scares us, etc. The new Dream Big Questions—a supplemental workbook to Dream Big, Plan Smart—offers hundreds of relevant questions that help you and your team dream big for Kingdom multiplication and take steps to move forward.

Designed to be used in tandem with the book, Dream Big Questions helps you put the principles of Dream Big, Plan Smart into action by equipping you to initiate and facilitate potentially difficult conversations with your team. Whether your church in the beginning stages of the multiplication conversation or wrestling with the inevitable internal and external tensions, Dream Big Questions prepares you and your team to get at the heart of what it takes to pursue multiplication.

One of the biggest barriers to a new future in multiplication is our failure to identify and honestly assess our current context. We embrace the past without asking questions to challenge the status quo. The questions in this workbook are intended to help you gain perspective on your past and current context and then make strategic decisions toward further clarity.

In addition to Reflection and Perspective questions, Dream Big Questionsincludes practical team application exercises throughout, as well as an assessment exercise based on the 10 characteristics of Level 5 multiplying churches. If you’re currently reading or have read Dream Big, Plan Smart, this workbook is the next step for aligning your team with God’s vision for multiplication.

Multiplying Disciples: What Movements Can Teach Us About Discipleship
by Winfield Bevins
There have been over two thousand years of church history and disciple-making multiplication.  Multiplying Disciples seeks to draw wisdom from the well of church history by looking at several important disciple-making movements: The Celtic Movement, The Moravian Movement, and the Methodist Movement. Each one of these movements offer vital contributions to the church and when discovered, they can rediscover the power of working together for the great commission to make and multiply disciples of Jesus Christ for the 21st century.







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Core Multiplication Course

Originally designed exclusively for Exponential’s Multipliers Learning Communities, this course introduces key multiplication frameworks.

Free Registration:

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Made for More Kit

The Made for More Resource Kit is designed to help transform your thinking and refocus you on mobilization strategies. It focuses on the following 6 shifts based on the book of Ephesians. Invest in your team, multiply their impact, and change the direction of your ministry.


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Videos are specially curated out of Exponential’s extensive library of digital access passes.


Becoming 5 (2016)

  • Motives – Ryan Kwon

DiscipleShift (2013)

  • From Teaching to Modeling – Larry Osborne

Spark (2015)

  • flame:VALUES – Steve Murrell

Hero Maker (2018)

  • Leading as a Permission Giver – Harvey Carey

Made for More (2019)

  • Made to Be More – Rob Wegner


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