Church Planting Digital Access Pass


Church Planting Digital Access Pass


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75+ teaching videos, national practitioners and church multiplication leaders provide you a deep and wide training library for you and your team.

Teaching videos from Max Lucado, Mark Batterson, J.D. Greear, Larry Osborne, Jonathan Falwell, Jenni Catron, Derwin Gray, Steve Stroope, D.A. Horton, and many more!

Videos are organized by categories of church planting and leadership multiplication content. You have the flexibility to organize and package the hours and hours of teaching for your training curriculum, retreat, leadership meetings, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Use of the Digital Access Pass is subject to these terms and conditions:

1. Digital Access Pass content is for personal and team use and may not be re-posted, modified or sold without permission of Exponential. The purchase entitles you to use the Digital Access Pass on one individual’s computer or mobile device. That person may show and use the material to train team members but may not further distribute the content beyond the individual purchaser’s computer. Distribution limitations are similar to songs purchased on iTunes. The songs may be played for other people via the purchaser’s device, but may not be copied and further distributed to other individuals.

2. Purchasers may NOT share their passwords for others to download content. Content may only be downloaded by the purchaser to their computer.

3. Content will be available to download for one year after the date of purchase.

4. Purchases are non-refundable.

Pre-Launch – Preparing to start a church

Launching with Multiplication Vision – Larry Walkemeyer
Building a Launch Team – John Alwood
Planting Churches from new Believers – John Worcester
Developing a Launch Plan – Patrick Furgerson
Equipment – Patrick Bradley
Choosing Equipment – Jeff Walter
Facilities – Patrick Bradley
Core Pre-launch Systems – Dave Page
Legal & Administration – Trey Lewis
Funding the Vision – Jim Sheppard
Funding a Church Plant – Steve Stroope, Ernest Smith, Andy Wood, & Ben Pilgreen
Lean Start-up, Part 1 – Eric Swanson
Lean Start-up, Part 2 – Eric Swanson

Assessment & Calling – Re-Imagine your life as God intended it to be

Calling & Assessment: Being Called to Plant a Church – Craig Whitney
Calling & Assessment: Importance of Calling – Chris Lagerlof
Your Sweet Spot in Church Planting – Jimmy Carroll
Calling: The Planter & Spouse – Brent Foulke

Leading a New Church – Getting it off the ground

Accountability – Joby Martin
3 Elements of Culture – Brian Zehr
Praying for Your Church Plant – Jeff Leake
Focusing Your Resources in a New Church – Brett Andrews
Developing Small Groups for Everyone – Chris Surratt
Creating Healthy Small Groups – Larry Osborne
Church Growth Barriers – Lee Stephenson
Challenges of Mobile Churches – Mike Gardner
Women in Church Planting – Candace Lewis

Organizational Leadership – Staffing, Teams, & Leadership Development

Protecting the Vision – Shawn Lovejoy
Organizational Alignment – Will Mancini
Fundamentals of Organizational Leadership – Greg Wiens
Organization Leadership: Kingdom Leadership is “PC” – Cynt Marshall
Navigating Change – Zarat Boyd
Leadership Development – Mac Lake
Hiring for the Long Term – Tim Stevens
Staffing – William Vanderbloemen
Creating a Great Team Culture – Jenni Catron
Activating Your Congregation – Jonathan Falwell

Discipleship – Systems & Lifestyle Practices

Discipleship at the Core – Jim Putman
Discipleship in a Local Church Context – Bobby Harrington
Discipling Leaders – Steve Timmis
Creating the Discipleship Context, Part 1 – Bobby Harrington & Alex Absalom
Creating the Discipleship Context, Part 2 – Bobby Harrington & Alex Absalom
Discipleship Lifestyle – Bill Hull

The Multi-Ethnic Church

Multi-Ethnic Values – Mark DeYmaz
Multi-Ethnic DNA – Derwin Gray
Making Diversity a Reality in Your Church Plant – Ron Dotzler
Reaching Hispanics – Alex Diaz
Addressing Racial Inequality – Oneya Okuwobi

Marketing – Making Your Church Known

Branding – Josh Shank
Engaging a New Community – Brandon Cox
Social Media – Ron Edmondson

Culture, Evangelism, & Outreach

The Mission of the Church – Michael Frost
Contextualization – Linda Bergquist
Embracing Your Community – Deb Walkemeyer
Ministry in an Age of Isolation – David Kinnaman
Engaging the LGBT Community – Derwin Gray
Church Planting Among Refugees – Linda Bergquist
Missional Love Languages – Linda Bergquist

Church Planting Models & Approaches

African American Church Planting – Candace Lewis
Planting in Cities – Steve Pike
Planting House Churches – Ted Esler

Marriage & Family

Healthy Boundaries & Family- Brian & Amy Bloye
The Impact of Church Planting on Your Family – Jeff Christopherson
Doing Ministry with Your Spouse – Larry & Deb Walkemeyer
Advice for Planter Spouses – Anne Milam
Being a Pastor’s Wife – Amanda Garner

Personal Health & Balance

Personal Health & Balance – Todd Clark
How to Prevent Burnout – Max Lucado
The Performance TRAP – D.A. Horton
Maintaining the Health of Your Soul While Planting – Mindy Caliguire
Coaching – Brian Howard
The Importance of Prayer – Mark Batterson

Multiplying Your Church

Reaching Your City – Tim Hawks
Kingdom DNA – Bob Roberts
Developing a Culture of Sending – J.D. Greear
Creating a Passion for Multiplication in Your Church – Larry Walkemeyer
Growing the Kingdom vs. Growing Your Church – Jeff Christopherson
International Church Movements – Robby O’Brien
Planting Under the Guidance of the Holy Spirit – Sam Stephens