Discipleship Forum 2014


Discipleship Forum 2014


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Resource Kit gives you access to download the content from all 6 main sessions of the first National Discipleship Forum on “The Discipleship Lifestyle.” This includes the ted-talks by the 6 different speakers and the entire dialogue which followed. Digital Access Pass videos will be available for one year after purchase.

The Resource Kit is ideal for a person who desires to be a disciple of Jesus and make disciples (which is what defines the discipleship lifestyle). It is especially suited for leaders (paid and lay) in a local church context who would like to take their key leaders, staff, or even small group through the inspirational material. The videos may be used in developing leaders within your ministry including creating your own unique, custom training experiences.

Exponential Speakers

  • Francis Chan
  • Jim Putman
  • Jeff Vanderstelt
  • Robert Coleman
  • Bill Hull
  • K P Yohannan

Theme: The Discipleship Lifestyle

How can we be more effective as disciples who make disciples?  This National Discipleship Forum explored 6 key elements of the discipleship lifestyle. Please download the Discipleship Handbook as a guide in following the forum from discipleship.org

1. Jesus: How does the Jesus we believe in, and the gospel we preach, determine the kind of person that we become and the kind of disciples that we make? – Bill Hull
2. Intentionality: Disciple makers need a plan to disciple people, they need to know where they are going. – Robert Coleman
3. Relationships: Discipleship, following the example of Jesus, needs to be grounded in relationships, or what are referred to as relational environments. – Jeff Vanderstelt
4. Bible: The content for discipleship is found in the Bible, it is the instruction manual. – Francis Chan
5. Path: Disciples follow a discernible, but crooked growth path. Their life story, in following Jesus, will have similar chapters. – Jim Putman
6. Multiply: Discipleship is only complete with reproduction and multiplication, when the disciple becomes a disciple maker himself. – KP Yohannan

Now these sessions are being made available via video download to extend your learning beyond the conference.


Discipleship.org is a collaborative community of men and women committed to the discipleship lifestyle – being disciples of Jesus and making disciples of Jesus. Discipleship.org brings together and promotes leading voices, resources, and actionable content on discipleship. With the input and partnership of voices like Jim Putman, Robert Coleman, Bill Hull, Francis Chan, KP Yohannan, Alan Hirsch, and Jeff Vanderstelt, we have identified six key elements of a discipleship lifestyle as a framework. We seek to move people convinced about discipleship into this framework and out into effective practice. Discipleship.org champions simple, reproducible practices that make discipleship a practical reality. The National Discipleship Forum is hosted and coordinated by Discipleship.org.


Videos are downloaded via the web in mp4 or mov format. Files are large and will take increased time to download on slow connections.

Terms and Conditions

1. Resource Kit content is for personal and team use and may not be reposted, modified or sold without permission of Exponential. The purchase entitles you to use the Digital Access Pass on one individuals computer or mobile device. That person may show and use the material to train team members but may not further distribute the content beyond the individual purchaser’s computer. Distribution limitations are similar to songs purchased on iTunes. The songs may be played for other people via the purchaser’s device, but may not be copied and further distributed to other individuals.

2. Purchasers may NOT share their passwords for others to download content. Content may only be downloaded by the purchaser to their computer.

3. Content will be available for download for one year from the date of purchase

4. Purchases are non-refundable