Gospel Intentionality

How to Live with Missional Purpose in Everyday Life


Every generation of Christians has to wrestle with the question of how to live the Christian life in their specific time and place. The Bible instructs us in how we, as God’s people, should conduct ourselves, but there’s still a lot left to figure out as we navigate our lives with everyday decision-making that can have gospel impact.

Life is a mission trip. Look around—to whom have you been sent? What do you need to change about your lifestyle in order to represent Christ well where you live, work, and play?

We believe reading this book can help you understand your identity in Christ as a sent one, give you some practical tools for living with purpose and help you learn from scripture about the role of obedience in your taking the gospel to your neighbors.

Caleb Crider
Caleb Crider is a missiologist, writer, and teacher. He’s married to Lindsey and has two children: Jonas and Meredith. He served as a church planting missionary with IMB for seven years in Spain. Caleb currently serves as Instructional Design Leader at the International Mission Board. He and his family are part of Movement Church, in Richmond, Virginia.
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Larry McCrary
Larry McCrary is the Executive Director of The Upstream Collective. He and his wife Susan live in Madrid, Spain. He has been a church planter, pastor, and strategy leader overseas. He and his wife wrote First 30 Daze, which is a practical guide for thriving in a new culture.
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