Leaving a Legacy

10 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Billy Graham


You may not have known Dr. Graham personally, but you’ve almost certainly been impacted by him. That’s because he was what we call a “Hero Maker.” He spent a lifetime investing in and encouraging others. Without you knowing it, many of the people Dr. Graham mentored and impacted have, in turn, impacted you. That’s what hero makers do. They leave a ripple effect, rubbing off on others to the third and fourth generation into the future.

It’s clear that Dr. Graham’s scorecard of success was not measured by what he did and accomplished, but instead by what Jesus did through him to impact and invest in other people.

Seventeen years ago as part of his Doctor of Ministry under Dr. Thom Rainer, Bobby Harrington was assigned a research report on Dr. Billy Graham.  Bobby identified “10 Leadership Lessons from the Life of Billy Graham.”  Those 10 lessons are now included in this FREE eBook.  The lessons include:

  • Earnest Prayer
  • Deep Conviction About the Bible’s Trustworthiness
  • Focus on the Basics
  • Be a Gracious Person
  • Adhere to High Ethical Standards
  • Ask the Best Possible People to Join You
  • Let the Day of Judgment Drive Your Life and Life Mission
  • Be Contemporary
  • Know the Anxieties and Concerns of Your Audience
  • Strategy and Plans Matter
Bobby Harrington
Dr. Bobby Harrington is the co-founder (with Todd Wilson) of and executive director of Discipleship.org, a national ministry that advocates for Jesus' style of disciple making and hosts a national forum on disciple making. He is the founding and lead pastor of Harpeth Christian Church. He has trained hundreds of church planters and coaches of church planters (with Stadia) and he has authored multiple books on discipleship, including DiscipleShift (with Jim Putman), Dedicated, Discipleship that Fits (with Alex Absalom) and, most recently, The Disciple Maker's Handbook (with Josh Patrick). Bobby and his lovely wife Cindy treasure spending time with their married children and their spouses, a new grandchild, other family, friends, and trips to Israel.
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