Managing Leadership Anxiety: Yours and Theirs

Pastor and leadership development expert Steve Cuss explains how personal anxiety and leadership frustration is the result of not being “self-aware” and provides simple tools readers can use to do something about it.

Most leaders want to handle complicated situations, difficult people, and unknown territory with less anxiety. But their lack of noticing how “self” gets in the way is their greatest liability. This blind spot is the primary source of personal frustration, unhealthy relationships, and ineffective leadership. To become a powerful asset in God’s kingdom, it is essential to identify and address the human tendency to avoid self-awareness.

Steve Cuss believes healthy leaders must focus not just on skill-based training but also must understand their own natures and tendencies. In Managing Leadership Anxiety, Steve provides simple tools for recognizing recurring self-defeating behavioral patterns or rigid thinking. The concepts presented are foundational to spiritual growth as they encourage both self-awareness and trusting God. This book offers valuable principles to followers of Jesus who are hungry to learn to “think about the way they think” so they can overcome relational and leadership anxiety and lead in healthy and vibrant ways.