Missional Resource Kit


Missional Resource Kit



The Missional Resource Kit is designed to help you develop missional practices in your life and in your church that will accomplish God’s mission of reaching those who don’t know Him. Learn from key leaders in missional thought and practices on how to implement Biblical approaches to ministry.

Topics Include:

  • Incarnational practices
  • Moving existing churches towards mission
  • Missional ecclesiology
  • Mobilization in urban contexts
  • Missional mindsets

Resources Include:

  • Video: Michael Frost on the Mission of the Church
  • Podcast: An Effective Missiology for a Secular Culture by Jeff Christopherson
  • Podcast: Joining God as a Family in Mission by Ryan & Laura Hairston
  • Additional 6 hours of audio and video training

Featured Leaders in this Resource Kit

Alan Hirsch is the founding director of 100 Movements, 5Q Collective, and Forge Mission Training Network. He has written numerous seminal books including The Forgotten Ways, The Permanent Revolution, and 5Q. Widely considered to be a thought leader in the global missional movement, Alan is known for his innovative approach to mission, church, and leadership.

Laura Hairston works as the Executive Director of Forge America. Her heartbeat is for every follower of Jesus to see themselves as missionaries in their everyday lives.

She is also very passionate about organizational development and leadership and the empowerment of all people.

She is married to Ryan and has 3 girls — Hadley, Hensley & Hazel. And, has recently become a Texan turned New Yorker!

Brad Brisco is currently the Director of Bivocational Church Planting for the North American Mission Board. He holds a doctorate in the area of missional ecclesiology; his doctoral thesis was on assisting existing congregations in transitioning in a missional direction. He also serves on the National Leadership team for Forge America Mission Training Network. Brad is the co-author of Missional Essentials, a twelve-week small group study guide, The Missional Quest: Becoming a Church of the Long Run, and Next Door As It Is In Heaven. He and his wife have three children and have been foster parents to more than fifty other kids.

Michael Frost is an internationally recognized Australian missiologist and one of the leading voices in the international missional church movement. His books are required reading in colleges and seminaries around the world and he is much sought after as an international conference speaker. Frost is the Vice Principal of Morling College and the founding Director of the Tinsley Institute, a mission study centre located at Morling College in Sydney, Australia.

Christopher R. Battle, Sr., is a native of Cincinnati, OH and serves as the Pastor of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Knoxville, TN. He also serves as the Moderator of the Knoxville Baptist District Association. He is married to the former Julia Tomma Buckner and they have eighteen children. They are licensed foster/adoptive parents.

In addition to pastoring, Chris serves as Co President to an organization called Justice Knox. Justice Knox is an interfaith collaboration of congregations and organizations that actively uncovers injustice and mobilizes the community to create just, fair & effective solutions.

With a heart for mission and evangelism Pastor Battle has brought together local faith communities to see a movement of everyday people joining God in His everyday mission.

Ryan Hairston, his wife Laura, and their three girls live in Manhattan, New York. Over the last several years they have planted multiple missional communities in the neighborhoods they have lived, and together they long to see the community they now live in look more and more like the Kingdom of God. Ryan also serves as the National Director of Forge America.

Forge America partners with local churches, networks, and denominations to train women and men to live as missionaries where they’re already doing life. As people reorient their lives around God’s mission and the incarnation, Forge mobilizes them to make disciples and pioneer new contextual Kingdom expressions, church plants, micro-churches, faith communities, and/or missional communities in the places they live, work, and play.

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