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One Eighty

A Return to Disciple-Making


Introducing Exponential’s 2024 Theme Book

When asked, most churches say that making disciples who make disciples is still their biggest weakness. How can this be if making disciples is the core mission of the Church? One Eighty: A Return to Disciple-Making unpacks five reasons, each of which describes a shift we need to make.

  • FROM REACHING TO MAKING: From simply growing the size of our ministry or church, to making mature disciples.
  • FROM INFORMING TO EQUIPPING: From simply giving information, to holistically equipping every follower of Jesus.
  • FROM ATTENDING TO ATTACHING: From calling people to attend programs and events, to leading people to truly attach to God and others.
  • FROM STRIVING TO THRIVING: From unhealthy striving, to thriving as spirit-empowered disciples and emotionally healthy leaders.
  • FROM ACCUMULATING TO DEPLOYING: From merely accumulating people into our buildings and programs, to deploying disciple-making disciples to the ends of the earth.

Building on biblical foundations for who we are as disciples of Jesus and his Church, One Eighty: A Return to Disciple-Making both inspires and equips. With practical teaching and guided processing questions, you and your team will be able to develop your own working plan. This book is for anyone who wants to get back to what Jesus saved and called us to be and do.

This book gives me hope that in the not-too-distant future church leaders’ current confession of “we have not done a good job of discipling our people” will be replaced with a rallying cry of “we are making disciples who make disciples!”
-Dave Ferguson

Jeff Vanderstelt
Jeff Vanderstelt
As the Executive Director of Saturate and founding leader of the Soma Family of Churches, Jeff Vanderstelt gets to spend his days doing what he loves – mentoring leaders and equipping the Church in the gospel and missional living. Additionally, Jeff is on the leadership team of Saturate the Sound, a local church collective focused on gospel saturation in the Puget Sound. Jeff has authored Saturate, Gospel Fluency, and Making Space. He and Jayne, his wife, have three children; Haylee, Caleb, and Maggie. Connect with Jeff on twitter and instagram @JeffVanderstelt.
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