Sermons For The Unconvinced



Principles are great, but sometimes we need to see something in action
before we really grasp it. This companion piece to Preaching to the
Unconvinced provides you with messages preached in a church where
70 percent of the people who come were unchurched, non-Christians
when they first showed up, and where cynics and skeptics and atheists
are coming to Christ regularly. The sermons are annotated to help you
see the principles behind the message, and why and how they’re being
used to convince the unconvinced.

Vince Antonucci
Vince Antonucci became a Christian out of a completely non-Christian background. This led him to start two churches for people who don't like church, most recently Verve, in the heart of Sin City, just off the Las Vegas Strip. He is also the founder of Splagna, an extreme church planting movement to the extremely lost in extreme locations. You can follow him at: @vinceantonucci and Vince is the author of I Became a Christian and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt (2008), and Guerrilla Lovers (2010), and Renegade (2013). He loves spending time with his best friends - his wife Jennifer and kids, Dawson and Marissa.
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