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Plant Pregnant: Leaving a Legacy of Disciples


Josh Burnett was a high school student involved at Southeast Christian Church when the vision for a church-planting church came to him. And at age 17, he began praying for God to move in this way. Fast-forward several years later—through Bible college, an internship with Southeast and four years on staff at New Life Christian Church—and Burnett says he has seen “God come through.”

As he and Sarah began to work on their staffing plan for the church they would plant, the only non-negotiable on the list was a church planter in residence. When they planted Revolution Annapolis in 2010, Scott and Amber Ancarrow were on board, and two years into launching, Revolution Annapolis sent out the Ancarrows to plant The Foundry in Baltimore—at the same time announcing they were now self-sustaining. In this FREE eBook, Burnett shares his story and challenges planters and established churches to be churches who plant churches and instill that same DNA in the churches they plant.

“If we’re going to actually see a movement of church planting happen in America, then church plants will have to step up and plant pregnant,” Burnett writes. “If you’re part of an established church, you’re not off the hook! If you care about the people that Jesus doesn’t want to see perish (2 Peter 3:9), you also need to be involved in church planting.”

Burnett is honest about the tension that comes with planting pregnant and shares nine of the tensions he encountered, as well as how they continue to wrestle with them. He also offers five learned insights from his journey to plant pregnant. At this time, both The Foundry and Burnett’s church have church planters in residence on board. When those planters launch, Revolution Annapolis will have two grandchildren in less than seven years since they launched.

“If we are to accomplish the mission that Jesus has handed us,” Burnett writes, “we must work toward what so many of us talk about seeing: a church-planting movement that leaves a legacy of disciples.” Download your copy of Start a Movement—Plant Pregnant.

Key takeaways:

  • Why one of the best things planters can do is pray
  • Why stability can be a barrier to multiplication
  • Why leadership requires risk
  • Burnett’s fresh insights into 2 Peter 3:9 and its implications for church planters
  • The essentials for planting pregnant
  • Insights for navigating the potential financial aftermath after a church planter in residence leaves
  • The best time to send out a church planter
  • Navigating the tension of staffing the parent church vs. sending out a planter
  • Navigating the tension of proximity
  • Why you should expect spiritual attack when you’re planting churches
  • How planting pregnant strengthens a church


Josh Burnett
Josh Burnett is the lead pastor of Revolution Annapolis, a church for people who don’t like “church.” He has been involved in church planting for x years and spends time working with and coaching planters. Start a Movement: Plant Pregnant is Josh’s first venture into books. Josh and his wife Sarah have “four” children, Savannah, Grady, Madelyn and Revolution Annapolis. In his spare time, Josh likes to think about, talk about, and plant churches while hanging out with good friends.  
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