Together Training Kit


Together Training Kit



What is missing from many of our efforts and strategies? Doing it Together! We are all very familiar with the Great Commission and the challenge to “Go.” There has been much taught on the Great Commandment and the need to go with “Love.” But it is the last part of Jesus’ mission – which was Jesus’ final prayer – that we have forgotten. It’s the Great Collaboration – that we are to go in love Together!

“…that they may be one as we are one – I in them and you in me – so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know that you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me…” John 17:22-23

Topics Include:

  • Together with God: Before God will create community through you, He must first be in community with you. Only a whole and healthy leader who lives in communion with God can lead their family, team and church into greater experiences of community with God and one another.

  • Together as a Family: “Together” starts with intimacy with God and then is lived out in an intimate marriage and healthy family. “Together” sees the family as the first priority of ministry and not a distraction from difference making or ancillary to life change ministry.

  • Together as a Team: The mission of Jesus and becoming a reproducing church is not something that can be accomplished by a single individual or one charismatic leader. We must come together as staff teams made up of unique gifts and callings to equip and mobilize all of God’s people for mission.

  • Together as a Church: When church leaders come together to form networks, they discover the missing piece of movement. This requires leaders and churches working to advance God’s Kingdom and not to create their own kingdom. When leaders work and live together in unity, it is a missional strategy that will reach the least and the lost.

  • Together with a Network: Church planting networks are the best way for a church to become a reproducing church. It is only when churches network together are they able to reach an entire city or region.

Go ahead, leverage your influence and start a collaborative movement for Jesus in your city today! This incredible resource includes 5+ hours of inspiring videos!