Beyond the Limits of Discipleship


We typically quote, “Go and make disciples … .” But as a leader, the question that immediately comes to mind is how? Transcend from Missio leader Matt Smay (co-author of The Tangible Kingdom) emerged out of Smay’s frustration that our discipleship process tends to focus all of our energy on learning to love God without accounting for integration into our relationships? We tend to take a limited view that lacks opportunities for seeing life transformation happen as a continual process of development. “How can a person work out issues of forgiveness, repentance, anger, fear, holiness, generosity, etc. without other people involved in the process?” Smay writes.

He asks important questions for leaders: What if the discipleship process focused on equipping people with life skills that were consistent with some of the most relevant challenges we face every day? What if our knowledge of discipleship helped us become better stewards of our time, priorities, and finances? What if we loved others and discipleship happened, thus transforming our churches, families, and neighborhoods?

In this free resource, Smay offers a simple framework for discipleship; real-life stories of discipleship in action; next steps for how to get unstuck in discipleship; and a clear pathway for disciple making.

Matt Smay
Matt Smay is the co-director of Missio, a ministry team committed to training, developing and apprenticing incarnational leaders for the church. Within Missio, Matt directs the MCAP, an online collaborative training environment for incarnational leaders, pastors and church planters. As co-author of The Tangible Kingdom and the accompanying Tangible Kingdom Primer, Matt balances his time and energy between leading Adullum, a local movement of missional communities in Denver, Colorado, and working directly with church planters and existing pastors as a mentor, coach and consultant.
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