Venal Dogmata

A Parable of the Future Church



Venal Dogmata offers an approachable narrative to give readers a snapshot into the future of the North American church. The author’s missiological diagnosis of ten ecclesiastical “glitches” that are keeping the church from thriving in today’s post-Christian environment guides the storyline of this book (which are described in his forthcoming North American missiology textbook published by B&H Academic).

Author and missiologist Jeff Christopherson weaves throughout his fast-moving story a corrective prescription which describes the process of creating a gospel movement without the cultural aids of a Christian memory or a society that is warm to evangelicals. The book also includes discussion and coaching questions designed to foster conversations among church leaders and small groups to help create fresh imagination for the future.

Praise for Venal Dogmata

“In your hands is an astonishing take on the issues that face the Church—including the church that you are involved in.” — Alan Hirsch, Author, Founder of Movement Leaders Collective, 100 Movements, Forge Mission Training Network

“A fascinating parable that conveys a strong message about the commitment that the gospel demands of our lives.” — J.D. Greear, Author, SBC President, Pastor Summit Church

“Jeff’s story gives biblical expression and compelling imagination to those who deeply crave a different kind of church.” — Ed Stetzer, Wheaton College

“In Venal Dogmata, Christopherson gives a perceptive, prophetic, and profound wake-up call to the Church.” — Richard Blackaby, President of Blackaby Ministries International, and Co-author of Experiencing God

“Jeff is pulling back the curtain to help us see a future where the church-as-institution gives way to church-as-movement.” — Reggie McNeal, Author of Thy Kingdom Come and Kingdom Collaborators

Jeff Christopherson
Jeff Christopherson (@christopherson3) is chief missiologist and co-founder of the Send Institute. Author of several books including Kingdom Matrix: Designing a Church for the Kingdom of God and Kingdom First: Starting Churches that Shape Movements. His weekly column “Missio Mondays” is featured in Christianity Today. Jeff serves as a co-vocational pastor of The Sanctuary in Oakville, Ontario. He is married to Laura and has two children.
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