For those inevitable times when you feel you aren’t making a difference or that things aren’t moving ahead like you thought they would, or when you’re wondering if all that God has placed in your hands and hearts will happen, the insights, stories and overall learning experience this Forum can be future sustenance for you and your team. Learn with these leaders as they walk with you through key areas where church leaders struggle the most post-launch.

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The Leadership Tensions Forum consists of 5 sessions. Each session included a short TED-style talk by one of the five participating leaders, followed by a lively conversation amongst the forum leaders. Sessions can be watched in any order.

Session 1 – Vision – Most church planters get sidetracked form their visions within the first few years. Sticking to the vision takes extraordinary discipline and effort. How do you relentlessly stay true to the vision, protect if from vision hijackers, and weave the vision into every layer of your church. If people around you don’t know where you’re trying to take them, they will have a hard time making the journey. TED-style Talk by Shawn Lovejoy

Session 2 – Discipleship – How do you develop a culture of discipleship in your church? What systems do you need to be build to make discipleship part of your DNA? TED-style Talk by Ryan Kwon.

Session 3 – Boundaries – How do you develop boundaries for a healthy church, a healthy family and a healthy personal life? TED-Style Talk by Larry Walkemeyer.

Session 4 – Team – How do you build a leadership pipeline? How do you know if you have the right people? In the right seats? How do you move people into the right seats or move them off the bus? The right team members with the right gifts and skills, in the right seats, in the right seasons of the church, allow a church to continue to breathe and grow and reach people for Jesus Christ. The wrong team members in the wrong seats for too long will put a lid on your church’s effectiveness. TED-Style Talk by Joby Martin.

Session 5 – Resources – How do you deal with the tensions of self-sufficiency and growth? How will you finance the mission? How can you and your church make a greater impact and become more generous–and lead every person around you to do the same? Every mission requires resources. As the leader of the mission, you are the chief resource raiser. God is counting on you to rally His people around His mission. TED-Style Talk by Derwin Gray.

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