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Guía Visual Hechos Para Más

Todd Wilson, Larry Walkemeyer and Rob Wegner

Exponential presentó 3 nuevos marcos de referencia de multiplicación para el tema del 2019. Estos marcos de referencia se enfocan en ayudar a los líderes de iglesias a movilizar al pueblo de Dios, a la manera de Dios. ¡Imagina a cada seguidor de Jesús liberado para ser misioneros cotidianos en sus campos misioneros cotidianos donde trabajan, viven, estudian y se divierten!

La Guía Visual Hechos Para Más provee una visión y un mapa para liberar la enorme capacidad latente que está contenida en el pueblo de Dios.

Este recurso de “lectura en una hora,” visualmente atractivo, presenta e integra tres nuevos marcos para ayudar a cambiar tu ministerio de una base de voluntario de un enfoque de “nosotros podemos hacerlo, tu puedes ayudar” a un enfoque misionero “tú puedes hacerlo, nosotros podemos ayudar.”

Los marcos incluyen ...

  • El marco “Ser-Hacer-Ir” ayuda a las personas a explorar el verdadero llamado de Dios y encontrar su “punto ideal” o nivel óptimo.
  • Los “Seis Cambios en Efesio” proporcionan un marco bíblico para que las iglesias entiendan y busquen los seis cambios críticos necesarios para movilizar al pueblo de Dios, a la manera de Dios.
  • La “Rueda Volante de Movilización” revela el camino para empoderar a los “misioneros cotidianos” para que alcancen sus “campos misioneros cotidianos” y puedan comenzar nuevas iglesias, especialmente micro-iglesias.

Todos los cristianos, y especialmente los líderes de la iglesia, serán desafiados y equipados al sumergir su pensamiento en los principios contenidos en La Guía Visual Hechos Para Más.

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Todd Wilson
Exponential Director, Author

Todd Wilson is the founder and currently serves as the CEO of Exponential (exponential.org), a national non-profit ministry whose core focus is distributing thought leadership through conferences, books, podcasts, software, and small group learning communities.

I’m passionate about the local church and the starting of healthy, high‐impact new churches. I enjoy starting new things focused on Kingdom impact and multiplication, as well as helping others create an image of future possibilities and the strategy to implement them.

I’m also co-founder of discipleship.org, Passion for Planting (church-planting.net), Made for More, and the Multipliers Project.

I received my B.S. in nuclear engineering from North Carolina State University and a master’s degree equivalent from the Bettis Atomic Power Laboratory. I spent 15 years serving in the Division of Naval Reactors on nuclear submarine design, operation, maintenance, and overhaul.

After a two-year wrestling match with God, I entered full‐time vocational ministry as the Executive Pastor at New Life Christian Church where I played a visionary and strategic role for several years as New Life grew and implemented key initiatives such as multisite, externally focused, and church planting. My passion for starting healthy new churches continues to increase, and I now spend most of my energy engaged in a wide range of leading-edge and pioneering initiatives aimed at helping catalyze movements of healthy, reproducing churches.

I’m also passionate about seeing people discover and deploy their unique personal calling.

I’m a certified Life Planner and strategically invest in the lives of several leaders and organizations each year. I’ve written/co-written multiple books, including Stories of Sifted (with Eric Reiss)(2012), Spark: Igniting a Culture of Multiplication (2014), Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church (with Dave Ferguson)(2015), Dream Big, Plan Smart (with Will Mancini)(2016)More: Find Your Personal Calling and Live Life to the Fullest Measure (2016), Dream Big Workbook (with Will Mancini)(2016), Dream Big Questions (with Bill Couchenour)(2016), Multipliers: Leading Beyond Addition (2017), The Legacy of a Hero Maker (with Dave Ferguson – 2018), Made for More (with Rob Wegner in 2018), Mega-Multi-Multiply (with Ralph Moore in 2018) and The Mobilization Flywheel (with Larry Walkemeyer in 2019).

I live in Manassas, Virginia, with my wife Anna.  We have two grown boys, Ben and Chris, and two beautiful daughter-in-laws, Therese and Mariah.

My calling?  I am an ENTREPRENEUR (my BE), who ENVISAGES OPPORTUNITY (my DO), wherever there is potential for EXPONENTIAL KINGDOM IMPACT (my GO)!

My passions?

  • My family
  • The local church
  • Kingdom opportunities with potential for impact and multiplication
  • Helping Kingdom-minded leaders find their sweet spot of calling
  • Starting new things, including healthy new churches
Larry Walkemeyer
Author, Speaker

Larry Walkemeyer serves as the Lead Pastor of Light and Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA. Starting with a handful of committed “white folks”, the church has grown into a large multi-ethnic church transforming its tough urban neighborhood. A priority on local and global church planting has led to the start of 22 churches nationally and dozens in Ethiopia, Philippines and Indonesia.

As Director of Equipping and Spiritual Engagement for Exponential, Larry seeks to influence the church of Jesus toward multiplication. Holding a doctorate in church leadership and as the author of eight books (five for Exponential), Larry speaks and consults frequently. Azusa Pacific University has recognized Larry with the Centennial Award, naming him one of the most influential graduates in its history. Larry serves on the Board of Trustees for Azusa Pacific University.

Larry and Dr. Deb Walkemeyer have been married since 1978 and they write and speak frequently on marriage. They have two adult daughters. Larry enjoys snow skiing, waterskiing, biking, mission trips and long walks on the beach.

Rob Wegner
Pastor, Author, Speaker

Rob Wegner served as a teaching pastor at Granger Community Church in Granger, Indiana, for 21 years, and four years at Westside Family Church in Kansas City. Currently he is planting the Kansas City Underground, a decentralized network of reproducing disciples, microchurches and collective congregations of those microchurches.  The forty vision is 21,000 microchurches connecting at 1000 Hubs, saturating Kansas City with the Gospel.  Rob also serves on the leadership team of NewThing, helping churches form networks to pursue the Mission of Jesus together.


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