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Going With the Spirit

Larry Walkemeyer

Jesus’ last promise was a lasting one--power from the Spirit to effectively reach people through a clear witness (Acts 1:8). This offer is not just for extroverts or cool churches. Every disciple and church can exponentially increase their impact when they understand and prioritize “Spirit-led” ministry. In this eBook, pastor and author Larry Walkemeyer explores Gal. 5:25: "Since we live by the Spirit, let us keep in step with the Spirit. “Going” with the gospel is good. “Going” with the gospel, led by the Spirit, is far better, he writes, asserting that Christians are often unproductive in evangelism because they are unresponsive to the Spirit. Through insightful, scriptural teaching and relevant true stories, Led imparts vital principles of “tuning into the Spirit”; opening doors for the gospel through Spirit-led prayer; journeying through each day with “two ears open”; and stepping out in “power beyond our own.” Walkemeyer invites us into the gospel adventures of living "led."

Key highlights:

  • Inspiring real-life stories of how individuals and churches (including introverted people and churches) have engaged the Spirit to be more effective and in some cases, bold, witnesses to the gospel in both word and actions
  • What we can do to become "leadable" for the sake of reaching those without Christ
  • Why some of our lack of effectiveness in winning the world is due to trying hard without praying hard, being creative without being truly compassionate and reaching out in self-reliance instead of Spirit empowerment
  • Four sequential kinds of power the Spirit imparts to disciples and churches serious about being reaching others who don't have Christ
  • Biblical and modern-day examples of how Spirit-led prayer unlocks deadbolted doors for the spread of the gospel
  • Five guideposts for hearing the Spirit's voice throughout the day as we seek to be witnesses to His gospel
  • How we can live out the promised "power to witness" of Acts 1:8
  • Seven ways we can ask the Spirit to empower us to step out in "power beyond our own"

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Larry Walkemeyer
Author, Speaker

Larry Walkemeyer serves as the Lead Pastor of Light & Life Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, CA. Starting with a handful of committed “white folks” the church has grown into a large multi-ethnic church transforming its tough urban neighborhood. A priority on local and global church planting has led to the start of 19 churches nationally and dozens in Ethiopia, Philippines and Indonesia.

Larry also oversees the church planting efforts of his denomination in Southern California where they are planting 50 new churches in 5 years. Holding a doctorate in church leadership and as the author of six books, Larry speaks and consults frequently. Azusa Pacific University has recognized Larry with the Centennial Award naming him one of the most influential graduates in its history. Larry serves on the Board of Trustees for Azusa Pacific University.

Larry and Dr. Deb Walkemeyer have been married for 38 years. They have two adult daughters. Larry enjoys snow skiing, waterskiing, biking, traveling, mission trips with 20somethings and long walks on the beach.


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