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Mega Multi Micro

Your Church as a Multiplication Platform

Ralph Moore

What would it take for you to be part of God’s work in bringing a million people to faith in Jesus Christ? Ralph Moore believes that every church pastor could make one simple paradigm shift that would drive their legacy from thousands of disciples to at least hundreds of thousands, if not millions—essentially fulfilling the Great Commission.

In this book, Moore teaches you how to widen the pathway into pastoral ministry. As he says, the Lord may have already answered your prayer for more labor for the harvest. Using his personal experience of leading a multiplication movement 2,300+ churches strong and drawing from historic and modern-day models, Moore takes you on a journey to discover how a local church can produce a movement of reproducing churches and shows you how Kingdom expansion starts with a micro approach. Mega Multi Micro is a field manual for those who want to take things to the next level of multiplication.


  • How to know if you’re leading a Level 5 multiplication church or on your way to one
  • 4 drivers of rapid multiplication
  • 5 benefits of multiplication
  • Real-life examples of multiplying churches and leaders, both past and present
  • Practical insight for getting started, including navigating inevitable tensions
  • How to determine if you’re cut out for leading a micro-church multiplication movement
  • 3 personal moves toward a new wineskin
  • 5 tangible steps toward multiplication

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Ralph Moore
Church Planter, Author

Ralph Moore is the founding pastor of three churches that collectively have birthed an international movement of 2,300+ churches. Beginning with just 12 people and a frightened young pastor, the Hope Chapel movement is the prolific and fruitful offspring of 80+ congregations launched from Moore’s hands-on disciple-making efforts.

In addition to pastoring Hope Chapel Honolulu with his wife, Ruby, Moore travels the globe, teaching church multiplication to pastors in startup movements. For the past couple of decades, Moore has spoken in six to eight countries each year. His global adventures take him to places as varied as Nepal, where the gospel is rapidly spreading, to England, where the gospel is being re-introduced to a culture. He also spends time in post-Soviet countries and in one unnamed large Communist nation, where the leaders he meets reinforce the messages he teaches. The ideas he shares are working so well that the country is having trouble keeping up with the rapid expansion.

Moore has devoted his life to training pastors—having repeatedly witnessed that Christianity grows fastest through the rapid reproduction of both disciples and churches. He believes that starting small is better than not starting at all and contends that bivocational pastors (with good jobs) remove financial barriers to the multiplication of churches, hastening the goal of making disciples of all nations.

Like his preaching, Moore’s written words deliver solid truth in a humorous and unassuming manner. His semi-autobiographical book, Let Go of the Ring: The Hope Chapel Story, gives readers insight into Moore as a leader who has let go of the things others covet, positioning himself to watch God do amazing things with the rest. Other books include Making Disciples, How to Multiply Your Church, Starting a New Church, Before You Launch: Pain Killers for Church Planters and Defeating Anxiety. Check out his blog at ralphmoore.net.


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