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Small Church, Big Impact

A Call For Small Churches to Multiply

Kevin Cox

Size does not determine impact. Over the last years, Vista Church in Heartland, Texas, has lived by that empowering sentiment inspired by Paul's letter to the church at Colossae. Through this small band of believers (Paul never even met them personally), he gave the body of Christ its deepest Christology (Col. 1:15-19) and unveiled a larger view of Christ. Similarly, Vista Church regardless of its small size has committed to unveil a larger view of Christ's Kingdom through multiplication.

In the fourth eBook in Exponential’s new multiplication series, church planter and coach Kevin Cox shares his personal story toward church multiplication and the tensions and lessons learned as Vista Church has partnered with 13 new churches that are in turn, multiplying--churches planting churches that plant churches. In Small Church, Big Impact, Cox both inspires, challenges and equips churches to plant regardless of their Sunday morning attendance numbers. "We're proof that not only is it possible for small churches to multiply, but it's absolutely necessary if we're going to see our society transformed," Cox writes.

He reminds us that the Holy Spirit will use any church willing to surrender themselves to Christ's mission to extend the Kingdom of God through the multiplying of churches--because size does not determine impact.


  • An insightful look at Kevin Cox's multiplication journey that began 14 years ago
  • Introductions to the leaders in his life who planted, watered and nurtured the seed of multiplication
  • A transparent account of Cox's five primary multiplication tensions, including the daily need to submit to Jesus and surrender his idol of recognition.
  • The five key things Cox and Vista Church have done differently to cultivate a multiplication DNA
  • What happened when Cox began teaching the Kingdom of God
  • How Vista Church has developed a multiplication system that fits them and the four primary components that allow them to pursue their vision to multiply
  • When Cox knew that the value of multiplication in Vista Church was growing and deepening

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Kevin Cox

Kevin Cox is a church planter/pastor who is focused on multiplying disciples and churches. He is the founding pastor of Vista Church, a seven-year-old church in Heartland, Texas. Kevin has earned a Masters of Divinity from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and planted another church in Maple Valley, Washington, which he pastored for ten years. He lives in Heartland, Texas, with his wife Kathy and their four children: Jackson, Grace, Maddie and Walker. Connect with him at kevincox@thisisvista.com or through Twitter @kevincox94.


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