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The Question That Changed My Life

What are the questions that have changed your life? For Jeff Leake, president of the Reach Northeast church planting network,…


Your church can flow! It can reproduce itself! The first command still stands: Be fruitful and multiply. Most churches have…


City Movement

We all want to see a movement happen in our city or geography. But the reality is that movements don’t…


Release the APE

Have we caged the apostolic, prophetic and evangelistic leaders in our churches? Author Beau Crosetto says we have and in…


Three Minutes with Alan Hirsch

An excerpt from Alan Hirsch workshop from Exponential East 2014 on the explosive growth of the early church.

Revisiting the Master Plan of Evangelism

Dr. Robert Coleman set the standard for discipleship and evangelism in the 20th century when he wrote the watershed book…



Have we forgotten that the gospel mandate is actually to “make disciples of the nations”? Missiologist and author Alan Hirsch…

Planting a Church Without Losing Your Family

Planting a church is hard and it will require sacrifice. Your marriage and family need not be one of those…


Journeying Together

In a desert season? Enduring a dark night of the soul? Walking closely with someone who is? The inner journey…


Unlocking Your Motivational View of the World

Yes, you were created to glorify God and to follow Jesus. But many ministry leaders stop there when it comes…


360 Leadership

Learn how to move effectively — leading down, up, and sideways — as well as practice ongoing self-leadership.

Finishing Well...Together

God put a dream for ministry in your hearts together. Ministry and life can take a toll on that dream.…