Video: Alan Hirsch – Future Travelers

Alan Hirsch | Runtime: 65 minutes

What caused the Church to go into hyperbolic growth in 200 years? In this video from a workshop at EX East 2014, missiologist and author Alan Hirsch focuses on what he says is his life’s task—to understand the factors that come together to create world-changing movements. Hirsch highlights the necessity of discipleship, exploring the early Church’s growth sans the Bible, buildings, the Internet, seminaries and all the things we think we need. Hirsch points out that Jesus can do with 12 disciples what he cannot do with 12,000 consumers or “attenders” and stresses that the kind of church that’s going to advance the cause of Christ in the 21st century will make disciples and take discipleship seriously. Bottom line, says Hirsch: “Don’t just plant a church. Have it clear in your mind how you’re going to disciple people.”

Key highlights:

  • Why reframing evangelism in the context of discipleship is crucial to the local church and accomplishing the Great Commission.
  • The theological significance of discipleship and how it encompasses evangelism.
  • What Jesus-centered discipleship is and how leaders can teach their churches to rediscover it.
  • The six elements that come together to create multiplying movements
  • The messiness of movements
  • The link between Christlikeness, the embodiment of Jesus, authority and leadership.
  • What the real religion in today’s world is—where people find identity, meaning and belonging.
  • Inspiring story of how Hirsch has discipled his neighbor, Jack

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