Video: Bill Hybels – Rethinking Commission

Bill Hybels | Runtime: 30 minutes

In this main session from Exponential East 2014, Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church and 39-year veteran church planter, shares two terrible and two terrific reasons to plant a church. Hybels also expounds on his continued passion for risking all to reach those that are far from God with the amazing grace of the gospel. The 30-minute session ends with blessing and commissioning church planters.

Two terrible reasons for planting a church:

  • Because it is the hippest, trendiest, coolest thing in church work today
  • To shortcut the developmental process normally required to become a senior pastor

Two terrific reasons for planting a church:

  • Because you are so bound in Spirit to do so that it would be cosmic treason for you to do otherwise.
  • Because you are pretty sure no other existing ministry is willing to risk what you are to reach people that are far from God.

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