Video: BiVo – Learning How to Leverage All of Life Into One Calling

Hugh Halter | Runtime: 70 minutes

In this video session from Exponential East 2014, bivocational planter and author Hugh Halter talks about two-edged life of marketplace work and ministry and looks at the opportunity bivocational life offers to planters. Says Halter: “The more missional you want to be, the more you’ll have to consider ‘missionary’ forms of funding—not raising support but instead learning the incredible opportunity bivocational living offers you, your family, your church and the unreached people around you. This session on mammon, manna and mission is a must for church planters heading into a post-everything culture.

Halter shares “bivo” stories (don’t miss the one about Ralph and the 7,800 square foot house Halter) of seeing God arrange his life and walk with him through the sacred and secular and what it’s like to be fully called but not fully funded. He doesn’t “blow smoke” but instead acknowledges that both sides of the story—bivocational and full-time ministry—are difficult.

Key highlights:

  • Halter’s story of becoming and staying bivocational—and the ways God has used him to reach non-Christians.
  • Exploration of biblical forms of funding ministry
  • Biblical picture of bivocational ministry
  • How our definition of discipleship impacts how we do ministry
  • Why leaders should not be afraid to ask others for financial support
  • How a church’s primary organizing structures factor into the different models for ministry leadership
  • Overcoming specific tensions of bivocational ministry

Halter is the author of the book BiVo and leader of the upcoming Bivocational Forum at Exponential West (Oct. 6-9) where in an intimate “living room” environment, he, Artie Davis, Karl Vaters and other practitioners will lead five sessions focusing on key tension points of tentmaker ministry

In the end, Halter says, he has realized that bivocational ministry is not something you have to do, but rather you get to do and believes it is a coming tidal wave that will impact the future of the Church.

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