Video: Jesus and the Gospel

Bill Hull | Runtime: 60 minutes

What does the gospel we believe in naturally lead to? In this video from a workshop at Exponential East 2014, discipleship author and expert Bill Hill looks at how the gospel we follow determines the disciples we are and the disciples we make. Hull explores five types of gospels being taught in American churches and their implications: the forgiveness-only gospel; the gospel of the Left; the prosperity gospel; the consumer gospel; and the gospel of the Kingdom (the rule and reign of Christ) and stresses that when we try to make Christlike disciples with a“fill-in-the-blank”gospel, we will always fail. Says Hull:“When you get a different gospel, you get a different Christ. When you get a different Christ, you get a different church. When you get a different Church, you get a different culture.”

Don’t miss the interview with Hull following his presentation in which Director Bobby Harrington and Hull extend the learning. Hull will be talking about Jesus as one of the six elements in a discipleship lifestyle at the upcoming National Discipleship Forum at Exponential West. The Forum, also including Francis Chan, Jim Putman, K.P. Yohannan, Jeff Vanderstelt and Robert Coleman, will talk personal discipleship, exploring the six areas: Jesus, intentionality, relationships, the Bible, the journey and multiply.

Key highlights:

  • The insights and expertise of Hull who has written over 20 books on discipleship
  • An inside glimpse into a watershed lunchtime conversation with the late Dallas Willard
  • The three things Willard identified that would need to change if the evangelical church was going to “turn the ship”
  • Why when you get a different gospel, you get a different Christ—and the implications of that cycle
  • Why trying to make a Christlike disciple from a “fill-in-the-blank” gospel will fail
  • an exploration of the five gospels primarily taught in America
  • The way we can know we’re being successful in Kingdom ministry
  • Why we need to think saints, not steeples

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