Video: Matt Chandler – Rethinking Preaching from 2014 East

Matt Chandler | Runtime: 20 minutes

In this main session from Exponential East 2014, Matt Chandler rethinks preaching in light of two Luke 15 parables. He observes, “Where the gospel of Jesus Christ is clearly and rightly proclaimed, the most heinous of sinners are drawn in.”

Jesus deconstructs the worldviews held by his audience of tax collectors, sinners, Pharisees and scribes simultaneously and then reconstructs worldviews in light of the gospel. An effective preacher must learn to do the same.

Quotable moments:

  • “Don’t just live in books and vicariously through others…. Don’t have other people’s ‘hanging out with lost people’ stories.”
  • “Trust the Bible…. (Without it,) you’ll have nothing to save people to because you’ll have nothing to save them from.”
  • “Trust the Holy Spirit. I don’t care how clever and brilliant you are, you better be on your face before you walk out there.”
  • “May we preach (the gospel) like we believe it, friends.”

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