Video: Nicky Gumbel – ReThinking Evangelism

Nicky Gumbel | Runtime: 20 minutes

In this video—part of the opening session of Exponential East 2014 in Orlando—Alpha’s Nicky Gumbel focuses on Jesus’ call to Peter to become “fishers of men” (Luke 5), calling the famous passage a “visual aid” for how we are to evangelize. Gumbel calls us to imagine what could happen in the United States if we do what Jesus told us to do in Luke 5: “cast our nets deep and see the vast potential—millions of people who don’t yet know Jesus.” “I want you to imagine what could happen in this nation … Believe that nothing is impossible with Jesus and you will see this nation changed.”

Gumbel offers compelling insights into this passage and shares encouraging stories (including his own) of people far from God whose encounters with Jesus have changed their lives. He pinpoints specific areas, specifically infighting, the Church in America must overcome to see a nation changed for God. “What unites us is infinitely greater than what divides us,” Gumbel says. “The infighting in the Church is killing people outside the Church.”

Key highlights:

  • Gumbel’s story of overnight conversion from an atheist college student to a Christian bent on telling others about Jesus
  • Why looking for a way he could tell others about Christ (despite not being a natural evangelist) led him to Alpha
  • Why a healthy, multiplying church has a large front door and a large back door
  • The impact of Alpha on cultures throughout the world
  • The purpose of our nets and what the Church does when it stops evangelizing (don’t miss this!)
  • Inspiring story of Darrell, a former inmate who participated in Alpha while in prison—and where he is today

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