Video: The Church as Community

Brandon Hatmaker | Runtime: 20 minutes

In this video from Exponential 2013, Brandon Hatmaker, pastor of Austin New Church and father of five, shares a bit of his story and the power of the Church in community.

Quotable moments:

  • “It’s going to take more than us just doing better at what we’re already doing.”
  • “Where are our zeros?… What are we not doing?”
  • “One of the things we’re not doing is defining true biblical community.”
  • “True biblical community is incarnational…. a community gathered around the mission to embody the gospel.”
  • “Assimilation plugs people into new places. Community builds on where people are already plugged in.”
  • “True biblical community is active, not passive. It doesn’t just sit and listen…. Community is supposed to be the place where we shift from learning about the gospel to actually learning to live the gospel.”
  • “You’re so busy on your church campus that you don’t know your neighbor… or love him.”
  • “Most of us do not lead people to true community because we are not on mission ourselves.”

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