Church Planting Tools
Exponential is partners in several high-quality, unique online tools for church planters.
  • PlanterJobs:  Find a Position in Planting
    PlanterJobs: Find a Position in Planting

    Individuals: Looking for a position in church planting? Trying to find a specific type of position such as an internship or residency? Lead planter? Role in a support ministry? Associate on a planting team? Having a problem finding that position in PlanterJobs is a searchable database of exclusively church planting positions at a growing number of national ministries. Simply search!
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  • PlanterApp:  Apply and Affiliate
    PlanterApp: Apply and Affiliate

    PlanterApp is a tool to help you discover your strengths, weaknesses and compatibilities with church planting ministries. PlanterApp aggregates all your assessment results into an online dashboard. You work your way through modules at your own pace. PlanterApp produces a comprehensive application / portfolio of results for use in applying for church planting positions. You can submit the application directly within PlanterApp to participating organizations or you can print and email your portfolio of results as part of your application to other ministries.

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  • PlanterPlan: Launch Plan Development & Management
    PlanterPlan: Launch Plan Development & Management

    Church planting is hard. There's a lot to do. Luckily, PlanterPlan has broken everything down into Phases, Milestones and Tasks so you can better navigate and accomplish the items needed for a successful church plant launch. However, PlanterPlan doesn’t stop there. Rather than just tell you what you need to do, PlanterPlan provides specific action steps, task descriptions and ready-made templates and worksheets to jump start your success. PlanterPlan allows you to then focus on what's most important. People.