Revitalization Workshop


Be encouraged with discussions geared toward church revitalization and renewal.

Session 1: Restart: Fresh Hope for the Church at the Corner of Dull and Discouraged
This workshop describes how churches nearing the end of their useful life can “restart.” That is, they commit their remaining members and resources (meager as these may be) to the restart process. Restart is a research-based process that combines the principles of revitalization and church planting. This breakout session will focus on the steps restart churches need to take to see new life and vitality return to dying churches on the corner of Dull and Discouraged!
Speaker: Gordon Penfold

Session 2: 10 Mistakes Made in Church Revitalization
Ron has successfully revitalized two historic, established churches; both that were in steep decline. Along the way he learned a few things — and made a few mistakes.
Speaker: Ron Edmondson

Session 3: Redeveloping Critical Mass in Church Revitalization: If You Have Lost It, Get It Back Before It Cripples Your Church!
Developing critical mass as a church planter is a wonderful thing. Losing critical mass as a revitalization pastor is destructive for the church. Redeveloping critical mass for the church Revitalizer is salvation of a local church. Critical mass is an essential milestone for any church. There are some churches, however, that must reach critical mass as rapidly as possible in order to survive. Many a church revitalization effort has been hurt due to the leadership within the church, both lay and clergy alike, waiting too long before they addressed the issue of critical mass. In this breakout we will look at the need for reaching critical mass and the formula that achieves such a milestone. We will examine the causes which lead to loss of critical mass, the stages a church goes through in losing critical mass and what we can do about it, the thresholds a church revitalization leader must lead his church through in order to re-achieve the critical mass that launches the work into a new season of flourishing, and the steps to redeveloping critical mass in a revitalization effort.
Speaker: Tom Cheyney

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