Snapshots of Innovation with Bubba Stallcup

Snapshots of Innovation

February 7, 2024

Exponential NEXT Podcast Episode 1
Series: Snapshots of Innovation

Welcome to the Exponential NEXT Podcast, where we interview ministry leaders across North America who are shaping what’s next for the future of the church. In this episode, we introduce our Next Ventures process for discovering and resourcing innovative ministries and also interview Bubba Stallcup, CEO and founder of Love Thy Nerd. Bubba is finding new ways to reach the growing nerd culture and provides transferable principles for anyone called to a specific demographic.

Host: Jon Wiest, Director of NEXT Ventures

Guest: Bubba Stallcup, CEO and Founder of Love Thy Nerd


Jon Wiest

Jon Wiest

Jon Wiest (“West”) is the Co-Founder of Mobilize the Church, a global ministry mobilizing a growing wave of disciple makers, pioneer leaders, and church planters. He previously planted churches in Dallas, TX and Des Moines, IA and is the author of Banding Together and Pioneers. Jon has degrees from Wheaton College, Wesley Seminary, and a D.Min. in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary. He is a rabid San Francisco 49ers fan, loves traveling, sports, and history, and currently lives in the Indianapolis, IN area with his wife and four daughters.
Bubba Stallcup

Bubba Stallcup

As a husband of 15 years, father of 4 and a life-long, card carrying nerd, Bubba uses his passion to love and serve the people that God puts in his path by meeting them in the places where they find rest, joy, acceptance and life. For the last 12 years, those places have been the church and nerd culture. In an effort to marry the two he has been a full-time nerd culture missionary since October of 2019. In February of 2018 he helped to found an organization called Love Thy Nerd in order to create nerd culture mission opportunities for people who find themselves stuck and unfulfilled in Kingdom work through traditional mission models. In August of 2022 he became the CEO and President of Love Thy Nerd and started to move the organization toward the training, equipping and empowering of church leaders to help them better love and serve the nerds in their spheres of accountable influence. 

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