Snapshots of Innovation with Paul Watson and Shane Boyd

Snapshots of Innovation

February 21, 2024

Exponential NEXT Podcast Episode 3
Series: Snapshots of Innovation

Welcome to the Exponential NEXT Podcast, where we interview ministry leaders across North America who are shaping what’s next for the future of the church. In this episode, we learn from two innovative leaders doing ministry on the margins. Shane Boyd leads “Gathering of Nomads,” a ministry for the growing RV community that is launching chapters across the country. Then we talk with Paul Watson, CEO of The Freedom Initiative, a ministry of contagious disciple-making sweeping through prisons in the South.


Host: Jon Wiest, Director of NEXT Ventures


Paul Watson:

Shane Boyd:

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Jon Wiest

Jon Wiest

Jon Wiest (“West”) is the Co-Founder of Mobilize the Church, a global ministry mobilizing a growing wave of disciple makers, pioneer leaders, and church planters. He previously planted churches in Dallas, TX and Des Moines, IA and is the author of Banding Together and Pioneers. Jon has degrees from Wheaton College, Wesley Seminary, and a D.Min. in Church Planting from Asbury Theological Seminary. He is a rabid San Francisco 49ers fan, loves traveling, sports, and history, and currently lives in the Indianapolis, IN area with his wife and four daughters.
Paul Watson

Paul Watson

Paul grew up overseas and got to see the birth of a modern Disciple Making Movement as his parents worked among an unreached people group in Northern India. Much later, God called him to devote his life to helping people fall in love with Jesus by training disciple-makers and their teams around the world. Along with a few friends, Paul founded Contagious Disciple Making to apply the principles of Disciple Making Movements in the USA and Canada so that people who wouldn't normally go to church would have a chance to fall in love with Jesus and live in spiritual community. He is a regular instructor for Perspectives on the World Christian Movement and co-authored Contagious Disciple Making: Leading Others on a Spiritual Journey of Discovery with his father, David Watson.
Shane Boyd

Shane Boyd

Shane Boyd is a husband, a father of 3, a Pastor, an entrepreneur, and currently a Nomad. Within the church Shane has served in many roles from a board member, Youth Pastor, District Youth President, Senior Pastor and now a "Network Church founder". In April 2022 when he and his wife sold their home in northern California and moved into a 45-foot 5th wheel, they were certain that God was just asking them to live with less and focus more on His people. What they didn't know was that they would be introduced to a whole community that is untapped by the local church. As they met and learned more about folks in this lifestyle, they began to ask the question…. How could they plant a church in a community that doesn’t have a zip code? It was while answering this question God gave them the calling to launch Gathering of Nomads.

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