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Contextualization for Church Planters

In this training video from Exponential West 2015, Linda Bergquist explains that many Christian practices and concepts get lost or…

Accountability in a Church Plant | Joby Martin | Exponential

If you make your church about lights and sounds and the show, you're not really running a church; you're running…


Core Pre-Launch Systems | Dave Page | Exponential

Before launching a church, having systems in place to raise money, gather people, and take care of the details is…


Leadership Development | Mac Lake | Exponential

What if we're developing leaders because we see potential in people? - Mac Lake Most churches do not have a…


The Key Competency of Leadership | Brett Andrews

Don't worry about not being visionary - focus on what it means to hear God's voice - Brett Andrews Leadership…

Discipleship in a Local Church Context | Bobby Harrington

Discipleship is the core mission of the local church. - Bobby Harrington Disciple-making should be established in a church plant…


Intentional Culture | Brian Zehr | Exponential

You can only be focused on a few things. - Brian Zehr In this training video from Exponential West 2015,…

Launching with a Multiplication Vision (Part 2)

Vision is a passionate desire that helps dictate your daily decisions. Multiplication is rare, but Larry Walkemeyer explains that the…


Launching with a Multiplication Vision (Part 1)

When we plant a church, we should plant it with the same kind of vision that Jesus had when He…


Making Disciples | Bill Hull | Exponential

Disciples are the kind of people that are going to change the world. In this training video from Exponential West…


Establishing Leadership in a New Church

Anyone who has planted a church knows that establishing leadership in a new church can be a time- and energy-consuming…

Are You Being ‘Mean’ About the Vision God Gave You?

The moment we forget why we're doing what we're doing, we'll lose our passion.              …


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody