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Made for More Podcast Episode 4

Jenni Catron: Made for More Podcast Interview with Jenni Catron Jenni Catron joins us for the next episode of the…

Made for More Podcast Episode 2 – Alan Hirsch

Alan Hirsch: Made for More Podcast Interview with Alan Hirsch Alan Hirsch joins us for the next episode of the…


Paradigm Shifts

[s3video s3url="/2017 East/Alan Hirsch 3.mp4" s3bucket="ExpoTraining" width="843" height="481" /]   In this training video from Exponential East 2017, Alan Hirsch…


Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart | Alan Hirsch

Holiness is not abstraction ... it's missional, it's redemptive, and brings back that which is lost. - Alan Hirsch In…


5 Big Reasons for a New, Deeper Look at The Forgotten Ways

Few resources in today’s church leader space have been as life-changing and as church-changing to its readers as Alan Hirsch’s…

Why a Return to APEST Is Essential to Multiplying the Church

As the founding director of Forge Mission Training Network and a prolific author, Alan Hirsch is a preeminent voice in…


How Can You Move From Addition to Multiplication Growth?

What does it mean to change the operating system in your church and move from addition to multiplication growth? How…

Movement Simplexity: Becoming 5 in All 6 Elements of mDNA

Movement Simplexity: In this workshop leaders will learn the 6 key elements/competencies of the mDNA (movement DNA) and have an…


Rethinking the Church’s Present Operating System for Future Multiplication

Leading your church toward Level 5 multiplication will require change, most notably a change in your operating system. Here, Todd…


Becoming a Level Five Church

There is no doubt in my mind that we are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our day as we…


Alan Hirsch - Future Travelers

What caused the Church to go into hyperbolic growth in 200 years? In this video from a workshop at EX…

Launch Team Momentum and DNA

In the fifth and final installment of this blog series on building a core launch team, Stadia’s Doug Foltz focuses on building…


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody