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A Q&A with NewThing’s Patrick O’Connell

We realize we cannot achieve multiplication alone. This will be a movement of God. As the director of NewThing, Patrick…

Moving Toward Multiplication?

"The past informs our current reality, and our current reality informs our future" - Todd Wilson When the Exponential team…


6 Signs You’re Addicted to Addition—and Why That’s Not a Good Thing

Recently, my friend Vance Pitman, planter and pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, shared with a group of church…


The Whole Church. The Whole Gospel. The Whole Nation.

The church is not the goal, the advancement of the Kingdom is. If someone came up to you and asked…


A Big, Hairy Audacious Goal

By "radical," we mean becoming more and more like Jesus in every way. That’s a big, hairy, audacious goal for…

Learning from Becoming a Level Five Multiplying Church

As the founding partner for The Effective Church Group and author of 19 books, Bill Easum has helped more than…


The Patterns

The new FREE Becoming Five assessment looks at three different perspectives: past, present, and future. Each perspective is independently scored…

When Your Church Objects to Your Multiplication Vision

The church is meant to be a launching pad for God’s Kingdom. When you decide as the pastor to lead…


The Ugliest Word in Church Planting

Not vision. Not multiplication. Not leadership. No, my guest blog post doesn’t start with one of those fun, energizing, engaging…


The Profiles

The Becoming Five Assessment Tool is a new FREE resource from Exponential. This article explains the five different profiles of…


How to Sign Up for the Becoming 5 Assessment Tool

Our addition growth strategies can take our eyes off of Jesus as our zeal for “doing” things that create momentum…

Bob Roberts on Multiplication and Movement

Bob Roberts eats, sleeps and breathes church multiplication. He is a true practitioner, having been involved in the planting of…

Privilege: What It Is, Why It’s White, and Who It Affects


Matt Chandler Live