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Three Essentials of Kingdom Multiplication

The plan begins with a mission. This quote from modern management pioneer Peter Drucker gives us a good indicator of…

Making Disciple Makers

[s3mm type="video" s3bucket="ExpoTraining" files="2017 East/Bobby Harrington.mp4" /]   In this training video from Exponential East 2017, Bobby Harrington talks about…


Winning and Losing: Rethinking Our Personal Scorecards

I’ve never been a hockey fan. The long list of reasons is rooted in my inability to logically follow the…


Jesus the Mathematician

Sometimes we make things harder than they need to be (or were intended to be). We choose to focus on…


The Key to Multiplication | Bobby Harrington & Ralph Moore

In this video from Exponential East 2016, Bobby Harrington and Ralph Moore discuss how disciple-making has enabled Ralph Moore to…