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Church Different

What if the good things we’re doing in ministry keep us from accomplishing great things? What if getting better means…

Who Shares Your Church Multiplication Dreams and Burden for Your City?

In their eBook, More Than BBQ: How God Is Creating a Citywide Church Planting Movement in Kansas City, Dan Southerland…


3 Proven Dynamics for Collaborating to Plant Churches

What happens when churches from diverse denominations come together with a vision to join forces to reach the fourth-largest U.S.…


Multiplying Churches: 5 Big Things We Can’t Forget

Nearly 65 percent of the world’s unreached people groups live in India (1.2 billion people) and the 11 countries surrounding…


Why Stability Could Be Poisoning Your Church Plant

Josh Burnett was a high school student when the vision for a church-planting church came to him. And at age…

What Inner Struggles Are Keeping You at Status Quo?

In the excerpt below from the second eBook in Exponential’s new series focused on multiplication, Light & Life Fellowship planter…


Keeping People in the Bull’s-Eye

I remember the first time I stood in the ruins of an ancient Jewish synagogue. I was shocked at how…

Recovering Jesus-Shaped Discipleship

Over the years, I have found myself having to talk about a distinctly missional understanding of discipleship. I actually find…


Decisions vs Disciples: What Are You Counting?

Every great adventure starts with a decision. Without a decision, nothing ever gets done. It’s the same in the spiritual…


2 Vital Signs of Mission Creep

On May 10, 1869, crews from the Central Pacific and Union Pacific railroads converged at Promontory Summit in northwest Utah.…

Privilege: What It Is, Why It’s White, and Who It Affects


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