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Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart | Alan Hirsch

Holiness is not abstraction ... it's missional, it's redemptive, and brings back that which is lost. - Alan Hirsch In…

Are You Planting a Sending Church?

What can American church planters learn from our international counterparts? As director of training and leadership development for India Gospel…


The ‘5 Awakenings’ To Help People Find Their Way Back To God

It has now been 25 years since my wife and I, along with my brother Jon and three friends from…


Robert Coleman: What Planters Can Learn From Jesus’ Discipleship Method

Dr. Robert Coleman set the standard for discipleship and evangelism in the 20th century when he wrote the watershed book…


Keeping People in the Bull’s-Eye

I remember the first time I stood in the ruins of an ancient Jewish synagogue. I was shocked at how…

Recovering Jesus-Shaped Discipleship

Over the years, I have found myself having to talk about a distinctly missional understanding of discipleship. I actually find…


Decisions vs Disciples: What Are You Counting?

Every great adventure starts with a decision. Without a decision, nothing ever gets done. It’s the same in the spiritual…

Rural Church Planting Matters

The following article is by Justin Barney, a bivocational church planter in Keene, New Hampshire. He, along with his family…


What’s Gone Wrong–and How Can We Fix It?

God expects us to be spiritually contagious. He desires that those who hang around us will see our good deeds…



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