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We Messed Up So You Don’t Have To | Exponential

God has called you to the mission - not the metrics - Josh Burnett In this podcast from Exponential East…

Creating a Disciple Making Culture: DEFINE IT – Establishing a Biblical Culture for Disciple Making

There is not a distinction between a Christian and a disciple - Jim Putman Real Life Ministries Senior Pastor, Jim…


Planting a Church Changes Everything | Brian & Amy Bloye | Exponential

Planting a church isn't easy, but it is possible to do more than survive the process - you can actually…


Keys to Culture and to the Human Heart | Alan Hirsch

Holiness is not abstraction ... it's missional, it's redemptive, and brings back that which is lost. - Alan Hirsch In…


When Good News Moves into Your Neighborhood

The issue isn't who is your neighbor; it's will you be a neighbor? Jesus said the entire law of God…

Engage God’s Mission Where You Live, Work and Play

It's hard for us to love our neighbors when we don't know our neighbors' names - Brad Brisco While more…


A Missional Agenda for Neighborhood Transformation

Our job as the people of God is to alert others to what the Kingdom of God looks like What…

Culture Shock: Creating a Dynamic Team Culture

Culture can't be copied from somewhere else - Jenni Catron Culture is the North Star to your team’s success. While…


A Ministry Veteran Shares His Insights for Leading Well

If you don't know what to measure and how to keep score, you can't lead well. In this podcast from Exponential…


10 Elements for Building Healthy Teams

What does a healthy team look like? How can you develop a culture of leadership where people thrive and actually…


Leadership Conversations | Jon Ferguson

One of the most powerful tools we have for reproducing leaders are the words we say. In this podcast from…

The Jesus Factor in Leadership | Joby Martin

[bctt tweet="If you use your ministry to validate you before Jesus, you will die under that weight. - Joby Martin"…


Healthy Rhythms

for Leaders


By Winfield Bevins

& Mark Dunwoody