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6 Signs You’re Addicted to Addition—and Why That’s Not a Good Thing

Recently, my friend Vance Pitman, planter and pastor of Hope Church in Las Vegas, shared with a group of church…

Bob Roberts on Multiplication and Movement

Bob Roberts eats, sleeps and breathes church multiplication. He is a true practitioner, having been involved in the planting of…


Ripples of Multiplication

Bill Easum is passionate about church multiplication, loves serving church planting leaders, and is a long-time friend of Exponential. Bill…


Can Multi-Site Lead to Multiplication?

Most multi-site campuses are adding rather than multiplying. Movement-making churches reproduce and multiply. When I started down the multi-site path…


A Multiplication Wildfire

“We want to become a different species of much greater impact. I’m dreaming of something much greater—a Level 5 multiplying…

Building a Church Reproduction Factory

A Factory mindset Recently I was with a group of pastors and business leaders from Southern California. Our discussion was…


Becoming a Level Five Church

There is no doubt in my mind that we are experiencing a fundamental paradigm shift in our day as we…

A Movement of Multiplication

Watching something of little importance become a major focus is a strange thing, yet that’s exactly my experience with church…


Are You Planting a Sending Church?

What can American church planters learn from our international counterparts? As director of training and leadership development for India Gospel…


Is It “The Big Drop”? Or Is the U.S. Church Becoming More Evangelical than Ever?

I expect most of us have been seeing the media barrage reporting on the drop in the number of Christians in the…


Sending Your Church’s Very Best

In their FREE Exponential eBook, Sending Capacity, Not Seating Capacity, J.D. Greear and Mike McDaniel, leaders of The Summit Church,…

Where Radical Multiplication Begins

A church with an addition strategy vs. a church with a multiplication strategy. The difference between the two is distinct. Unfortunately,…

Avoiding Burnout

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