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Hero Maker Podcast – From Hero to Hero Maker

Exponential CEO Todd Wilson joins Exponential President Dave Ferguson to kick off the HeroMaker podcast series. Here, the two leaders…

Hero Maker Practice 5: Are You Asking the Right Kingdom-Building Question?

I challenge you to start asking: How will we multiply God’s Kingdom? The fifth and final hero maker practice is…


Hero Maker Practice 4: Look for Gift-Activating Moments

The most obvious example of gift activating comes from Jesus in Matthew 28. The fourth hero maker practice is gift…


Hero Maker Practice 3: Are You Making Disciples or Disciple Multipliers?

  Heroes share what they know; hero makers share their lives. Over the last few weeks, we’ve been talking about…


Hero Maker Practice 2: Are You Leading With a Bias to ‘Yes’?

Back in junior high, I had what I call my first “I-C-N-U” conversation. I was at a summer camp in…

Hero Maker Practice 1: Are You Thinking Beyond What You Can Do Alone?

Below, Exponential President Dave Ferguson unpacks the first of five essential practices in shifting from hero to hero maker.   "If…


Hero or Hero Maker: Which Will You Be?

5 Introductory Resources on the 5 Essential Practices of HeroMaking Resource 1 - Watch this Overview of the 5 Essential…


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