Cultivating Social Momentum

Microchurches are extended spiritual families. They don’t just form overnight. They emerge over the course of time as loving disciplemakers incarnate within networks of relationships, plant the gospel, and make […]

Microchurch and Blockchain

What if microchurch movements could be an avenue for refounding (à la Hirsch) the church on the person of Jesus in its original movemental form, which was a decentralized, multiplying […]

The Delight of Small Ministry in Small Places

A few years ago, a ministry friend and partner of mine was attending the Exponential conference in Orlando when he overheard a conversation between two prospective church planters that went […]

LNP 47 | Microchurches for the Next Generation

Older paradigms of student ministry were focused on centralized expressions that required the next generation to be good inviters. Gen Z believers are hungry for more. They recognize they’re living […]

Microchurches for the Next Generation

Every year, more than one million young people will walk away from the Christian faith.  The young people in America are considered to be the first post-Christian generation in our […]

Cultivating Kingdom Imagination

In 2022, we slowly emerged from the collective grief and trauma of the COVID-19 global pandemic and we were yet again face-to-face with the endemic of racism. As we were […]