Gospel Metaphors as a Ministry Mantra

THIS EPISODE Jesus often spoke in parables and metaphors to equip and encourage his followers. In difficult seasons of ministry, reminding ourselves of the truth of God’s Word shifts our […]

Church Leaders and Golden Calves

THIS EPISODE Church leaders are effective at calling out idolatry in our culture and congregations, but we often fail to recognize them in our own lives. Leaders need the gospel […]

Don’t Waste Your Life

THIS EPISODE God is for us, but we must remember, life is not all about us. In this sermon, pastor Joby Martin challenges church leaders to fight against an inward-focused […]

The Kingdom and Culture

THIS EPISODE We live in a time of cultural divide. Issues of race, community, politics, class, and law enforcement, clash and create chaos and hostility. Within this context, Christians are […]

Living in a Polarized Culture

THIS EPISODE Almost 50 years ago, Dr. John Stott wrote a short book called Balanced Christianity. He observed that evangelicals tend to focus on polarizing issues and, in doing so, […]

God’s Vision for Your Life and Your Church

THIS EPISODE God’s vision for his Church is powerful and certain. Though culture changes as the years and generations march on, the gospel never changes. Heralding truth from the fringes, […]

Engaging in Our Cultural Moment

THIS EPISODE We live in a volatile cultural moment. Those in our society define truth for themselves, while remaining skeptical of Christians. It can be easy to disengage and withdraw. […]

Catch the Vision

THIS EPISODE In order to shine, two things must happen: we must have a crystal-clear picture of who God truly is, and we must be crystal-clear on our mission. Chip […]

Thriving in Babylon

THIS EPISODE We live in a fast-changing and seemingly godless society. How can we spiritually survive in this increasingly hostile environment? Introducing us to Daniel who was exiled in Babylon […]