Thank You Boise!

Reproducing the Mission and Message of Multiplication

April 4, 2019


This week Exponential held it’s first ever North West conference in Boise, Idaho. With over 425 pastors, church planters and leaders in attendance, we are so thankful for the hospitality, partnership and focus on multiplication.

The story of behind the Boise Regional is a powerful demonstration for Exponential’s 2020 theme, “Together: Pursuing the Great Collaboration”. The horsepower behind the Boise Regional is The City Network, a collaboration of churches in the Boise area who are working together to catalyze church multiplication in the fast growing Treasure Valley. Exponential is honored to play a role in the origin story of this network when its leaders were inspired to prioritize church planting network while attending Exponential SoCal for the first time a few years ago. Now, we are blown away by how God is working in Boise with the opportunity to reproduce the mission of multiplication and ministry of a Regional Conference to serve church planting leaders in the Boise region.

Robert Frazier, one of the core leaders of The City Network remarked at the end of the commissioning time,

“God is doing something in our Valley beyond what I imagined.”

Expanding on our 2019 Made for More theme, attendees were able inspired to Mobilize God’s People, God’s Way with national and regional speakers including Bryan Dwyer, Jon Ferguson, Peyton Jones, Rebekah Layton, Joby Martin, Jim Putman, Monty Sears, Jeff Vanderstelt and Keith Waggoner. In addition to the main sessions, attendees are able to attend FREE equipping labs. Below is a sample clip from Larry Walkemeyer, Director of Equipping and Spiritual Engagement for Exponential, speaking about the power of multiplication thinking.


The Exponential regional conferences are designed to bring the full impact of the main stage at the Exponential global conference closer to home as well as offer FREE Equipping Labs. For leaders who can’t afford the time and money to attend a global conference, or those who want to bring their whole team, we’re making it easier to experience Exponential live! Click here to find the nearest location to you and register today.

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