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The Key to Multiplication | Bobby Harrington & Ralph Moore

January 26, 2017

By Bobby Harrington and Ralph Moore

In this video from Exponential East 2016, Bobby Harrington and Ralph Moore discuss how disciple-making has enabled Ralph Moore to launch a multiplication movement of over 2,300 churches.

Join both Bobby and Ralph at Exponential East 2017, where they lead workshops on multiplication and discipleship.

Key Highlights:

  • Ralph’s journey to multiplication
  • Preparing disciples to launch churches
  • empowering leaders to lead others

Bobby Harrington is the co-founder and executive director of, a national ministry that advocates for Jesus’ style of disciple making and hosts a national forum on disciple making. He is the founding and lead pastor of Harpeth Christian Church in Franklin, TN.

Ralph Moore is the founding pastor of Hope Chapel Honolulu. Beginning with just 12 people, the Hope Chapel Movement now numbers over 2,300 churches, worldwide. These are the offspring of the 70+ congregations launched from Ralph’s hands-on disciplemaking efforts. Ralph currently travels the globe, teaching church multiplication to pastors in startup movements.

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