Project: The Kingdom Dreams Initiative
Ben Hardman


Calling the Church to dream again. Empowering pastors to step away from managing institutions and step into unleashing kingdom dreams. We will do this by putting pastors into training cohorts equipped to guide in the reimagination of the future church, as well as creating a fully functioning dream factory within their church family that will enable people to recognize and respond to the Kingdom dream in their own heart.

Project Categories

  • Disciple Making and Church Engagement
  • Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
  • Micro Models and Expressions

Big Idea and Overview

Is it possible that churches have spent the last twenty years teaching people and training pastors to think about missions, but failing to give them a process built to discover, develop, design, and deploy that mission? We don’t need new ideas, we need a change in production. We need updated factories that are capable of reproducing the dream already inside of each believer.

Throughout history, the church has been referred to as many different things, “a hospital for the sick,” “a rescue team for the lost,” “a family for the lonely.” When we imagine the future church we visualize believers fully activated and released into their Kingdom calling. Equipped and empowered to do the work of following Jesus. What if the metaphor we need for the future church is a “Dream Factory?’ What if people came into a building looking for something external to redeem their situation and instead found within them an internal solution? What if they discovered they too had been called, they too were equipped, and that God had placed inside of them something worth finding?

The Kingdom Dreams Initiative trains pastors and entrepreneurs in that process. The Four Doors, our four part training for churches, helps implement a four step process to find the kingdom dream in the heart of every believer in your church. Not only will this process help articulate those dreams, but it will also turn those dreams into a plan, with a team ready for implementation.

The discovery process will excavate the dream already in the heart of every believer.

The design process will initiate a foundation for the development of your Kingdom dreams.

The development process will iterate, test and shape your kingdom dream.

The deployment process will activate your dreams outside the walls of the church and into the community.

What we get on the other side is discipleship that happens on the road and not in the classroom. We discover the priesthood of all believers actively pursuing their own kingdom dream, which in turn begins to awaken kingdom dreams in the hearts of all our people. We get mission and ministry happening outside the walls of the church. Not led by the pastor, but by the people. People who have been trained and equipped to live out their kingdom calling. Every church needs to think of discipleship and mission the way start-up accelerators, think tanks and incubators think about launching new initiatives. It’s fun, it works and it’s how new ventures actually go from an idea or concept to actual functioning ministry and mission.

The Kingdom Dreams Initiative hopes to launch 2-3 cohorts a year, training pastors to create these dream factories through our own “Dream Factory” coaching. Participants will also be connected to a kingdom accelerator, a separate but connected cohort, where kingdom entrepreneurs are resourced, launched and aided in launching their kingdom dream by their local churches.

Customer / Mission Field Context

Pastors & Kingdom Entrepreneurs

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  1. Launch 100 Dream Factory churches teaching and training in the dream

    factory methodology.

  2. Watch thousands of new kingdom dreams launched in these communities.

  3. 10 pastors and 10 entrepreneurs signed up for first official rounds of cohorts.

  4. Develop Hybrid coaching model for the pastor and entrepreneur with a busy life – in person coaching, video coaching and retreat model.

  5. Create a sales funnel and marketing plan that fills 2-3 cohorts / year and doesn’t feel sleazy.

Results and

  • Development of one full year of coaching material with a robust toolbox and world class coaching content.

  • Beginning partnerships with Younique and Ocean for development of coaching and training material using their shared expertise to power our training.

  • In our first cohort Discovery Phase completed, Design Phase completed, Development Phase completed, now approaching the Deployment Phase…

  • Demonstrated success by the launching of 8 Kingdom Dreams from first cohort including mobile coffee truck, Discipleship Adventure retreats, adopt a teacher program for local schools, AAU basketball program, fine arts training center and a mentoring program for at risk kids.

  • Over 75 people have gone through the training to this point.

  • On the calendar is a fun “demo day” for one church to share the kingdom ideas with their congregation and pray for the teams executing them.

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