Project: The Syndicate Leader: Robert Frazier and Dusty Benner Website:


The mission of the Syndicate is to build training and resource hubs to leverage the resources of our extended family of micro-churches to train and send 800 missionaries to plant micro-church expressions throughout the Boise Valley.

Project Categories

  • Bivo/Covo Business for Mission Models and Expressions
  • Collaborative Methods for Increased Planting
  • Methods and Models for Mobilizing Everyday Missionaries
  • Micro Models and Expressions

Big Idea and Overview

As we have been inspired by micro-church networks in other cities, we realized we had a unique opportunity with 5 unique micro-church collectives to build several hubs to serve a diverse movement of disciple-making networks and micro-church planting congregations. We started to talk about the project in May 2020, had our first training event September of 2020, and have trained or coached 50 potential missionaries in the last year. We are leveraging Business As Mission opportunities to create low-cost physical hubs that provide cafe and coworking spaces to neighborhoods we have collectives reaching. 

The unique aspect of this project is that we have 5 families of micro-churches who have been trained by different missional networks (Underground, No Place Left, We Are Church, Hugh Halter, 3dm) who are partnering to share learnings and create movement through deep relational collaboration. We have seen some incredible lift from the critical mass of micro churches (currently ~27) that are pulling in the same direction.

Customer / Mission Field Context

The Boise Metro area is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States and has one of the least Christian cities in the country. In the last year, ~30k people moved to the valley. 56% in the 2010 census identified as religious “nones” and we estimate that only 7% are in a gospel church on any given Sunday. We are working to break into neighborhoods in our city as it grows up and out. Our mission is a Missionary on every street and a micro-church in every neighborhood so every family experiences God’s love.

Goals and Desired Outcomes

  • 800 micro-churches emerging from evangelism and discipleship across our valley of 800k residents.

  • 10-20 micro-church hubs that support and collaborate for kingdom impact across the city including training, resourcing and justice partnerships.

Results and

  • Launched 1 training hub with 5 micro-church collectives

  • Missionary Pathway Training with 40 potential missionaries

  • Underground Vision Night with Rob Wegner and 60 Micro-Church Leaders

  • Disciple-making Training with 50 prevailing model pastors

  • Launched Startup coaching with 10 potential micro-churches