Todd Wilson with ChurchLeaders Podcast


We were thrilled for Todd Wilson, Exponential’s President and CEO to join Jason Daye on the ChurchLeaders Podcast. Todd talks about the biblical framework for understanding personal calling and purpose and how to avoid making this an idol. He shares the challenges churches face in helping people embrace their personal calling and offers critical shifts we must make in church culture.

You can check out favorite quotes below and make sure listen to the full podcast here.

“One of the core elements of multiplication is this idea of calling, the idea of mobilizing everyday missionaries on their everyday mission fields.”

“We know we’re only here for a limited time, but we really want our impact to sustain beyond us.”

“We unfortunately turn calling into a form of idolatry because we turn the secondary calling, our unique gifting, [into] the most important thing, rather than the primary calling being honoring God, being disciples who make disciples wherever we are.”

“1. Who am I created to be? 2. What am I made to do? 3. Where am I supposed to do it?…Those are three questions that universally have been asked by men and women since the Fall of Adam and Eve in the Garden.”

“Guess what? If God called you halfway around the world, your primary calling in that place halfway around the world would still be to be a disciple who makes disciples in that place you’re in.”

Listen to the full podcast here.

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