Together: The Great Collaboration Workshop


For us to see a movement that will accomplish the mission of Jesus we must do what Jesus asked us to do: we are to Go…and Love…but TOGETHER!

Session 1: Together
The Great Collaboration – Right before Jesus left planet Earth, He reminded His closest followers of His vision for how the mission would be accomplished and gave us this third ‘great’ in John 17:22-23: “…that they may be one as we are one — I in them and you in me — so that they may be brought to complete unity. Then the world will know you sent me and have loved them even as you have loved me…” This is the Great Collaboration. Yes, we are to “Go”; yes, we are to “Love”; But the missing piece from the mission is that we are to “Go” … and “Love” … but “TOGETHER!” Together with God – The first component of the Great Collaboration is doing life together with God. Before God will create community through you, He must first be in community with you. Only a whole and healthy leader who lives in communion with God can lead their family, team and church into greater experiences of community with God and one another.
Speakers: Dave Ferguson and Janet McMahon

Session 2: Better Together
Together As a Family – The Great Collaboration starts with intimacy with God and then is lived out in an intimate marriage and healthy family. Doing life “Together” sees the family as the first priority of ministry and not a distraction from difference making or ancillary to life-changing ministry. Together As a Team – The mission of Jesus and becoming level 5 multiplying churches is not something that can be accomplished by a single individual or one charismatic leader. We must come together as staff teams made up of unique gifts and callings to equip and mobilize all of God’s people for mission.
Speakers: Larry Walkemeyer, Deb Walkemeyer, and Jon Ferguson

Session 3: Going into All the World Together
Together As a Church – Living in togetherness is always a part of following Jesus. It wasn’t optional for Jesus. It wasn’t optional for the first apostles. It wasn’t optional for the first Christians, and it’s not optional for us! The church was designed to be God’s eternal community where we experience reconciliation with Him and with others. Too many church leaders are leading churches but are not really a part of those churches. For us to fulfill the Great Collaboration we must be church leaders who live in togetherness and lead in togetherness with our churches. Together As a Network – When church leaders come together to form networks, they discover the missing piece of movement. This requires leaders and churches working to advance God’s Kingdom and not creating their own kingdom. When leaders work and live together in unity, it is a missional strategy that will reach the least and the lost. (John 17:21b-23)
Speakers: Michael Carrion and Patrick O’Connell

Session 4: Together Not Like You
What Unites Us? (Theological question) – We are the body of Christ diverse in gifting, diverse in our contexts and diverse in service, but we are united by our commitment to the Lordship of Christ and His mission. When we collaborate and work together, we become a fuller expression of the body of Christ better able to accomplish the Jesus mission. How Big Is Your Circle? (Missiological question) – The vision of the church as the body of Christ does not pertain only to one local church. The body of Christ is made up of many churches, and each part of Christ’s body has something unique to offer the rest. When we open ourselves up to learn from one another and work together in unity, we are truly better together.
Speaker: Jossy Chacko and Oscar Muriu

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